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What does this mean for our UNION leaders in the mining sector?

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The Seminar

Two Days of Powerful Talks
28-29 March 2023
08:00 am

The objective of the 4IR Technology & Innovation Seminar is to empower union leaders at all levels of engagement within the mining sector. The seminar aims to provide an in-depth understanding of the impact of 4IR, Technology & Innovation on the mining sector allowing real-time engagement between unions, regulators, academia, mining company representatives, corporates, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), CEOs and heads of technology.

Hear from key players in the mining sector as we navigate the impact of 4IR, Technology & Innovation on the mining sector and explore opportunities for collaboration between union leaders and mining industry stakeholders.

The Conference


Here is our two days schedule for your convenience:
Day: 1

09h00 AM - 10h00 AM

1 hour

10h00 AM - 10h30 AM

30 minutes

10h30 AM - 10h45 AM

15 minutes

10h45 AM - 11h00 AM

15 minutes

11h00 AM - 11h45 AM

45 minutes

11h45 AM - 12h30 PM

45 minutes

12h30 PM - 13h30 PM

1 hour

Delegates Arrival & Registration

Opening & Welcome

Day 1 Ochestrator

Positioning Statement

Safety Share: How tech & innovation is supporting employee wellbeing in mines

Introduction of an Economist


Understanding the impact of 4IR, Technology & Innovation in the mining sector

Plenary 1: What are the expectations from employees & unions on 4IR, Tech & Innovation

13h30 PM - 14h30 PM                                                  LUNCH                    

1 hour

14h30 PM - 15h15 PM

45 minutes

14h30 PM - 15h15 PM

45 minutes

15h15 PM - 16h00 PM

45 minutes

16h00 PM - 16h45 PM

45 minutes

Plenary 2: What are the regulators doing to review and align current policies & regulations

Plenary 3: The role of academia in engaging with Future of work and skills?

Plenary 4: What is the role of academia in engaging with Future of work and skills?

Plenary 5: How are OEM's in mining supporting the mining sector through this transition?

16h45 PM - 17h15 PM                                                    Day 1 Closes                    

30 minues                                                                    Leisure / Hotel Check In (Overnight Attendees)

18h00 PM - 20h00 PM

2 hours

Baletsema Cocktail Networking Event

GIBS - Panel Discussion

Day: 2

09h00 AM - 09h15 AM

15 minutes

09h15 AM - 09h30 AM

15 minutes

09h30 AM - 10h00 AM

30 minutes

Opening & Welcome

Day 2 Ochestrator

Positioning Statement

Safety Share: Importance of keeping a healthy financial wellbeing

10h00 AM - 13h00 PM                                       BREAKAWAYS STREAMS                    

3 hour

Rotation 1

10h00 AM

Rotation 2

11h00 AM

Stream 1 - Understand how 4IR, Technology & Innovation will impact work, the worker and actual workplace.

Stream 2 - What about the employement debate, how do we prepare the workforce for the change and transition?

Stream 3 - What are these technologies, innovations that are being deployed?

Rotation 3

12h00 PM

13h00 PM - 14h00 PM                                       LUNCH                    

1 hour

14h00 PM - 14h45 PM

45 minutes

14h45 PM - 15h30 PM

45 minutes

Future outlook - Reimagining Mining of the future with the impact of 4IR, technology & innovation

Share back from the breakways

15h30 PM - 16h00 PM

30 minutes

Summary of Action items / Next Steps

16h00 PM                                                           SEMINAR CLOSES                    

Business Presentation

About Collaborators

The 4IR Technology & Innovation Seminar is a collaboration between Baletsema Mining, Full Potential, and Independent Principal Consultant, Me Tebogo Mdhluli. The seminar is in the interests of Union Leadership in the mining sector at national, regional, and operational levels. The aim is to assist union leaders in navigating the evolving world of work and the impact of 4IR in the workplace with the rising prevalence of technology and innovation.

About Baletsema

Founded in 2018 and based in Johannesburg, Gauteng, Baletsema Mining and Technology Services is a trusted mining consulting company, providing a comprehensive range of technical, operational and business improvement solutions and products to the mining sector. We are 100% Black-owned and 51% woman-owned, qualifying as an accredited B-BBEE Level 1 service provider.

About Full Potential

Full Potential was founded in 2013 to accelerate people development by using technology and a holistic development approach that cultivate extraordinary potential for the organisation.

Past Events

Past Events

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